Grade 4


Smiles All Around

What makes a house a home?

My friends say that homes are just houses but they are wrong. Houses and homes are different.

A house is just a structure but a home is where memories are made.

My home is small but it’s warm and it’s cozy and there are memories that inspire me all around the colourful walls.

My home means more to me then anything in the world because I see homeless people everyday on the streets and it’s very sad.

My home is special to me. It’s very colourful like my family’s heart it makes me feel safe and not alone.

My home is colourful like my life and my home is like a journey through the brightest lights you will even see.

My family has been through a lot with homes moving from one place to the other and we finally found a nice place to live.

My home is used to us not being there. But when we finally get home my house is always waiting for me.

My dog is always there to greet me at my house. I feel safe with her in my home.

Thank-you Habitat for Humanity for giving people home that they can’t afford all at once. Everybody will always remember you. People are so proud of you for doing this competition for kids up to gr 4-6. You are the best for doing this competition for kids. People are thanking you for everything.