Grade 6


Small moments at home

Home is our first school where we learn manners and how to walk, talk, sit, eat, etc. My home is here and in another country. For me, home is where my parents and sibling are. Here is a small moment but it is very special for me, once my mom’s sister birthday was on October 28, mine is on October 31, my mom’s is on November 9. But they didn’t celebrate it. One day at my house they brought three cakes and my relatives were also there. We cut three cakes at the same time it was so fun and we ate spaghetti too. When the cake was being cut that moment was so special to me. Home is also where I am comfortable. My house is where everybody knows my taste of food. Home is a very relaxing place. I feel safe at my house. Home is a place where everybody worries about me when I am not there. There are some places in my house where I had little moments, but very special. Everyone should have one with there loved ones.