Grade 5


skool sux

The meaning of home
Home means safety from the torture of school, the freedom to hang out with friends, the one place you can talk freely without the worry of the teacher hearing and giving you detention, home is the place where you have time to think and collect your thoughts and focus better. Home is the place where you can rest your hand after many hours of writing useless stuff in school. This is the place you can resist the brainwashing of school, the nagging possibility you might get expelled or worse. This is also the place you probably get in trouble with your parents the most because of school and other stuff. Home is where all your happy memories are(if you are still sane, anyways)and it’s the place where you actually matter. No matter where you move, it’s still home if you have your memories(if you don’t, there’s no hope for you anymore)and if you can feel safe there, done! It’s home enough to keep away the school. Home is also the place you stay up till 3 in the morning doing useless homework that repeats the same stuff you learned about a trillion times. If your house fulfills these things, it’s your home.