Grade 6

British Columbia

Simple Home

I’m going to tell you what home means to me. Home can be so many places, but it’s only one simple place for me. I feel at home when I’m safe, comfy, warm, and happy.
Home is a place for me that has family, friends, and pets. Home is where I can be myself, and not have to put a fake face on. Home doesn’t necessarily change if you move, because home is the way you feel and the way you can look at it.
You can make your home to be so many things. I feel at home when I feel free to do anything I want to do. I know when I’m at home because it’s cozy and I am not scared. I feel like I see home in a different way then you can see, but that’s only up to you.
Home is where I can build memories and my future. Home is truly amazing and I love home!