Grade 6

West Kelowna
British Columbia

Share the Joy of Home

There is a place that you would call home

Some people don’t have one and they are alone

The ones that are unfortunate live in the streets

They can’t buy anything, not even beets

We can still help and give them a meal

I know how good that will make them feel

Home is where you and your family are joyful

But people on the street may be are sad and yet hopeful

Home is where you know that you are safe

People in the street still need to be saved

If you wrote a poem that would be generous

You will give money to people that think it is measureless

It’s truly bad to see people unhappy and sad

We need to help and make people glad

We are inside where we might be achieving

People are outside dreaming and believing

We have a roof and a house that we can stay

People outside sometimes pretend they are okay

During the night you go to your bed and sleep

All of the homeless live very cheap

Home is where you’re nice, respectful and selfless

Sometimes the people outside and are alone are helpless

While your parents teach you about respect

By writing an entry you could have a positive make an effect.