Grade 5



My home in the winter
Is warm and cozy,
My home in the summer
Is cool and cozy.

My home is comforting,
A place to grow,
My home is safe,
A place to play, fun overflows.

My home is reliable,
It will always be there,
My home is hospitable,
A space – to relax and share.

Grandparents, uncles, aunts, parents and kids,
My home has a story, something to tell
Of past, present, future, hardships and love,
The story continues, who can foretell?

A place to create,
Express the beauty within,
The heart’s treasures and keepsakes,
A dome of protection to live in.

I’m grateful for home,
I wish all could have one,
With love from my heart,
Serenity, for everyone.