Grade 6

Fort Saskatchewan

Sammy’s Lesson

One snowy day Sammy was walking home from school when he saw a man living in a cardboard house. The man looked sad and depressed. He had a can of beans on a fire made from a tire. Sammy was walking away with his head in the clouds. Then his heart stopped to see this sad old man in his cardboard house. About 10 seconds later, Sammy dashed home to tell his mother what he saw. When he got to his house,
he told his mom everything he saw. When Sammy finished his mom’s face looked like it had melted away from her tears. Sammy’s mom told him to go back to the homeless man and ask him if he wanted to stay with them in their house.
So Sammy had to run all the way back to the homeless man. When he asked him if he would like to stay with them it almost looked like he flew into the sky.
He did not look sad or depressed anymore; instead, he had a giant smile on his face with lots of hope in his eyes. The man’s words were, “God bless you! God bless you all!” and they lived happily ever after.