Grade 4


Safe To Say It’s Home

A home is a safe place to stay,
Just like a heart falling from the sky.
It is the time to be thrilled,
-you can stay until you’re filled!

Mother cooking food that I like,
I have a grin on my face.
There are games to play,
but no violence is allowed to stay.

Homes are more special than anything else,
Just be very wise.
Home is basically the light,
Everyone should have a chance to have a home,
It’s a right.

Cozy beds on the 2nd floor,
It feels like big fluffy unicorns that soar.
You’d jump on them for days,
Instead of solving a maze.

We will thank charity for caring about people that don’t
have a home.
We will stay strong-
and it’s possible!
But don’t worry,
It’s safe to say it’s home!