Grade 5


Safe place

A home is a place where I feel secure, where anyone can feel protected, where I give love and receive love.
When I think of home, I think of the song “ bad guy “ that I listen to with my dad who is a good guy.
I’m always happy when my friends come to play.
My friend, Holly and I enjoy playing Harry Potter.
I love family game night especially when we play my favorite board game.
When I think of home, I think of my dog, Bridget, who may seem mean at first but can be so sweet and cute.
It makes me sad that people don’t have homes for I have lots of stuff and they do not.
It makes me happy that writing this is helping those poor people.
Even though my brothers make me mad,I get so sad while I yell at them.
I wrote this to lend a hand ,to not be selfish and evan thought I might not win I am happy to help those who need help !
Lots in need of safety, crying for help,I want to donate 10$ for I always want to help, they need a bed,a nice hot dinner and a roof over their head for I realize,that they have none of those which makes me super sad.
Everyone needs a safe place.