Grade 6


Safe Home and an Unsafe Home

A safe and non-safe environment
A safe home is a better environment for people to live in compared to a non safe environment. My reasoning, for that is because all children, adults and pets should all feel comfortable and protected in their home. Firstly, every child should have a safe home to grow up in. They should feel like themselves and not feel judged by others around them. No child should feel like they’re going home just to have their self-esteem ruined. Secondly, children should be able to go home and feel safe. No child should have the feeling of going home to a household where you feel threatened or not welcomed. Every child, pet, and adult should feel welcomed when they come home. Thirdly, you should always feel safe going home because home is where your family is and you should feel safe to go home and tell your family how you’re feeling, or if you feel safe or not. Examples of a non safe environment are having sharp items out, having out things that can hurt kids or anyone. That is the difference between a safe environment and a non safe environment.