Grade 6

Portugal Cove - St. Philip's
Newfoundland and Labrador

Safe at Home

A home is where you don’t need to be someone you’re not, you need to be able to be yourself at all times,Day or night.
You should feel as if you can turn over in your bed to have a good long sleep and be safe all at the same time, (and then you can wake up and be YOU!)
Home is where you should feel like you are in a stress-free bubble and that bubble is protecting you from the scary stressful world outside.
At your home, you should feel loved and cared for no matter what gender you are or what religion you are.
You shouldn’t have to ask before you turn the heat up in your bedroom. Home is where you feel warm and welcomed you should not be scared or nervous to go to your own home.
You should not feel as if you are more welcome at a friend’s house. You should never feel like you are more loved and cared for at an Aunt’s house or a Nan’s house. You should feel perfectly comfortable and welcome at your own home.
At home, I don’t worry about where my next meal comes from. All children should feel like they don’t need to worry about where their next meal comes from.
There are some children that do have to worry about that. You might not know it but it might be one of your classmates or a friend from an activity that you are in, may be. At your house, you need to feel safe and not worried about being judged and made fun of.

I am very lucky to have such a nice and calming home.