Grade 6


Rueben’s Idea

“Rueben I have to talk to you,” mom said, “the dentist’s office said that they were hiring someone else to take my position as the main dentist.” “We’re going to have to move. The house is too old and expensive to keep anymore,” mom said. “But I don’t want to leave my friends and school.” Rueben said.” Go pack your bags, Rueben, we leave tomorrow.” Rueben started crying as he walked to his bedroom to pack his bags. Rueben then asked himself while he was packing his bags, what does home actually mean? Is it the furniture and the fancy kitchens, or is it the people and the memories that you make here? Then he thought “I am going to make the last memories in this beautiful home count”. So after Rueben packed his bags he went down to the kitchen to talk to his mom. His mom just finished packing up the kitchen when Rueben said: “Mom I want to do something so people like us don’t have to move homes.” Rueben said, “Rueben that’s very nice of you but I don’t know what we could do.” Mom said,” “How about we sell the house to someone who has never owned a house for cheaper than we usually would sell it for.” Ruben said, “That’s a wonderful idea, Rueben!” Mom said.
The next day they found a family who did not have a home and they sold it to them. Rueben felt very proud of himself.