Grade 6


Ronald Mcdonald’s House

Ronald Mcdonald’s House

Have you ever wondered what’s down that street with kids and families trying to sleep?

If you’re dying to know, then today is your lucky day now grab a seat as we begin to tell all about the R.M.H.

It began way back all the way to 1974 (Pennsylvania).
Fred Hill an all star football player had a little daughter, 3 years old .

She suffered from leukemia, a disease that parents fear, in fact it’s probably scared of itself.
The Hills would be spending a lot of their time in hospitals saying prayers while camping on hospital chairs.

They would eat meals from a vending machine with worried clouds over their heads.
Like all the rest of the parents they’ve seen hoping for the best.

The Hills have learned that many of the families traveled around the world,
to bring their children to these hospitals but couldn’t afford hotel rooms to be near their child.
When Fred Hill heard about this news he created a solution that he made with no confusion.

It was for him and Jim Murray to gather support from his teammates.
They would raise funds for parents all over the globe wanting to stay with their child no matter where they go.

Murray was able to get support from another worker.
This regional manager launched the shamrock shake promotion in harmonic motion.
This news even crossed the ocean.

They gathered lots of funds and passed them on to a Doctor (Dr. Audrey Evans.)
She was the one waiting for there to be,
a home near hospitals for all of these families.

They wouldn’t have to pay the price, it would be free for the night.
So they bought a small house near the hospital.
This was just the start, for years volunteers have taken some of their own time to help all guests in the R.M.H.

This business has increased from east to west, north to south as it expands from every direction.
This isn’t just a charity, if you need some clarity.
It’s a home for families so they can be right beside their sick child in need.

After all a Ronald Mcdonald House is “A home away from home”

Ronald Mcdonald’s house has been around Edmonton since 1985. It’s a part of our community. There are many real life stories where the kids don’t need to reunite with their family after all they have always been right there. The true meaning of home is written in the walls of the R.M.H. Behind those walls there is a sick child getting all the comfort they need from their whole family.

This is what a home really means to me!