Grade 4


Recipe for a perfect home

Recipe for a perfect home

-one cup of memories
-two spoons water
-two cups of belonging
-one heaping scoop of love
-one and a half cup safety
-two quarter teaspoon entertainment
-two and three quarters cup happiness
-one full cup of friends and family
-one and a quarter cup freedom
-one cup of food
-half a teaspoon warmth
-half a teaspoon comfort

Step One:In a large bowl,put together the memories, belonging and love.Mix until a solid colour then let it sit for five minutes.
Step Two:In a separate bowl, mix safety,entertainment and happiness with water until smooth.
-Step Three: lightly whisk together the two mixtures.Sift in the friends and family so that there are no big chunks.
Step Four:Soften the freedom and food for thirty seconds and then apply.
Step Five:Bake at four hundred degrees Celsius for half an hour.
Step Six:Take out and let cool while you mix together warmth and comfort.Then,lightly sprinkle them on.
Enjoy your perfect home!