Grade 6

British Columbia

Precious Home

To me home means a place where you can relax and feel safe, and know that there will always be food on the table and a good night’s sleep. Home is a place where you can go to when you feel sad or like you need to talk to somebody. Home isn’t just a word or a building it means so much more. Most importantly, home is where you can live, laugh, spend time with family and friends, and feel happy.
You have probably seen a homeless person at least once in your life, for me I see them almost every day, and it breaks my heart to see people who don’t have a place to sleep. You may not know what’s going on in their life, or what they have seen or gone through, where they’re from, and they may have even chosen to be homeless, you never really know unless you ask them. Just imagine that you’re living on the streets or behind a store or under a bridge, and you don’t know if today will be your last day living there or not. You don’t know if you will get to eat or drink anything today, you may have no one to talk to, or not want to talk to anyone because you’re scared.
I can’t even say how grateful we should be to have a place to live and laugh, not that you can’t be happy if you don’t have a home. Home is a place where I can be safe, happy and just live!