Grade 6

British Columbia


Poverty is a horrible thing. The government promised no more poverty but they broke that promise. Some families travel all over to find a just right home but fail to find one. I’m thankful for all of my family because they care and I have a roof over my head because I know somewhere in the world poverty exists. What is poverty you ask? It is a lack of care for kids. They can’t feed them food or give them good clothes. Sometimes it even means the oldest child caring for their whole family and not their own health. Poverty needs to stop. By writing this essay, I donated ten dollars for the Habitat for Humanity Foundation. If you want to donate to stop poverty you can search for Habitat for Humanity and donate to their charity. If poverty was not a thing, the world would be amazing, with no kids crying, no parents fighting, and no kids searching for food for their families. I hope you are inspired to help stop poverty.