Grade 5


Please Get The Right Homes

When we moved from B.C. Vancouver Island we gave are house to some people who did not have a good home. When we moved I hated to see people struggling. I wished that we could give them are home.

It’s so hard to see them until my father built some homes for them, and home is where when you enter your home when you are mad all the love gets the madness out of you and slams the door on the madness into the chamber of love, and lets you sit back and relates you and there is someone is all ways there for you.

Home is also a please where someone is always caring for you and there for you. And I am always trying to help every single person that I can even if I do not know them, I still try as hard as I can still.

Helping people is my thing and it can also be your thing too, if you try as hard as you can. That’s what I had to do, and I want to build house just lake my dad did.

That is why I want to donate all the money to give those HOMES!!

And I do not care about winning the iPad and do at the same time.

“If you try your hardest then you can accomplish your goals. “And that’s all that I have for you today for now and maybe another time or some -where elsewhere. And home is another please of calmness or love, so it does not matter if I win that iPad, I will give it to someone who has nothing.