Grade 6

British Columbia

Playing at Home

The meaning of home to me is fun, family, love, and safe. At home my sisters and I like playing a lot of games and we play with our parents too. My friends and I like to play with my dogs. My Mom takes really good care of me and my sisters. My Dad is awesome at helping me with my homework. My two little sisters can be annoying, one of them is really annoying, the other one I want to sell to the zoo.
My two dogs love people and they’re my favorite. My Mom gives the best hugs. My Dad makes the best cookies for dessert. My friends always make me laugh. My dogs keep me warm at night. My dogs let me know when an intruder breaks into my house. I know my parents would protect me and my sisters and take us to safety if we were in danger. Home is safety, love, family, and fun.