Grade 6

Portugal Cove - St. Philip's
Newfoundland and Labrador

Places that Feel Like Home

Home is where I can relax and feel safe where I am. I wish that everyone could have a home so they could feel the same as me.
Home is where I feel warm.
Home is where I come after a long day of school.
Home is where I can rest.
Home is where I can play.
That is what my home means to me.

Place number 1 is the hockey rink. The hockey rink is like home to me because I am there like almost the whole week and it is where I feel happy and have fun.

Number 2 is my Aunt’s house. I feel like my aunt’s house is like home to me because when I have her nice supper made when I get there from hockey.

Number 3 My Friend Alec’s house. I also feel like that Alec’s house is a home to me because it is where I can have fun and be happy. That is what home means to me.