Grade 5


Places Of Wonder

Let’s get one thing straight, a home and a house aren’t the same. If you don’t understand the difference, I’ll tell you what it is.
First, let’s get started by breaking down the two words. A home isn’t necessarily a house, a home can be any place you feel comfortable and loved. A home could be a house, but it could also be a grassy field, or even a public library. Anywhere you feel safe, cared for, comfortable, happy, and you probably visit often. Homes are quiet places for when we need to be calm and free.
Secondly, we’ll be talking about what a house is. A house is a shelter, a building, a place to stay. A house is merely a private place to eat and sleep, nothing more.
Now, it’s time to compare and contrast! Houses can change easily, some people move from one to another frequently, a house can be forgotten so easily. But not a home, a home will always be in your mind, even if you haven’t seen it in months. Homes take long amounts of time to be forgotten, because you have gone through so much there and that place brings you so much joy. But, both houses and homes can have joy filled and depressing moments, it’s just that they may feel more special at a home. Also, home and a house are both places you visit frequently.
Last but definitely not least, my opinion. The authors emotional opinion, definitely not cliché! Personally, I think a home is an emotion, not a place. The reason so is because the feeling of home makes the place special. The place itself isn’t special, but the feeling of home makes you feel so nice, at least, that’s what I think.
So in conclusion, a home could be a house and a house could be a home, but that’s not always the case.