Grade 5

Campbell River
British Columbia

Place you live

Home is a place you live,
It is wonderful and peace.
I can drink water and juice,
take the ice cream for me and you.

Play the game that you want,
you will lose or win.
The home is made of wood,
the window is color blue.

Glue the picture on the door,
put the blanket on the floor.
Paint the wall colorful,
make your home beautiful.

You can bath in the bathroom,
you can sleep in the bedroom,
you can eat in the dining room,
you can ply in the living room.

Put the toys in the box ,
you can pet an orange fox.
A place you leave so good,
that have so much room.

Put a chair in the backyard,
find mom an important card.
Eat some delicious gum,
when the bird sings a song.

It has all the memories,
I will never forget.