Grade 6


Place to Hide

Place to Hide

The orphanage is always crowded; I never get a moment to sit down and try to calm down. All I want is my own parents. Yet all I get for my great behavior is my parents abandoning me. It isn’t that I just want parents; I want a place where I can stay, where I don’t have to worry or fake my emotions. Miku-san always said that when we get parents, we’ll have a new home to come to, somewhere where I can be myself. Miku-san’s always right, so that’s most defiantly true.

I just have to wait. Wait and wait and wait for someone to bring me home. Take me away from this place. Everyone here dislikes me, Kayla’s told me to run away many times. I feel like this orphanage is making my progress on finding parents or a home slower than ever. Miku-san promises every night, every single flipping night, that she will work as hard as possible to get me a new “Place to Hide”

But, I shouldn’t doubt Miku-san. Miku-san has helped me so many times, she’s the reason I’m still stable. I would be out in the rain in torn clothes if she didn’t find me. She’ll find me this, “Place to hide” I’m sure of it. If I tried to talk and apologize to everyone, maybe I can get along with them. “Tessa-Chan! There’s someone waiting outside, one of my old orphans I took care of. He and his wife want to take you home.” Miku-san came into my room, squealing with the exciting news. I’m too shocked to say anything. “Tessa-Chan, they’re going to take you home, your Place to hide,” Miku-san said kindly and took her hand out. I took it, heading downstairs to my future.