Grade 6

Richmond Hill

Place of Solace

If you asked me what home means to me then I would say home means many things because home is a special place to me. Home to me means a place to live because I find home to be a place I always go. I think home as warmth because no other place can match the warmth of me being at home. Home means to me a place to go for comfort because in what I call home a can always find it. I find home to be a place of simplicity because at home I do very simple yet very important things such as homework. But most importantly to me I find home a place where I find solace as when I’m home I can think of the big dramatic or calm smaller events of the day and all of the things I have written above are a component of why I find home to be a place where I find solace.

I seem to find that everyone has a unique definition of home and when I think of that I find it that the beauty of home is that you can always define what your’e home is and that you can define what your’e home should include. I myself strive for solace more than anything as it is quite important to me but as I said the beauty of home is that you can define what home is. Even those who don’t have a roof over their head can call something else home because a roof is not what defines home. A house is a shell if it is not your home as a house is just a building while a home is a place that is important to you. And that is what I about of home