Grade 5


Pizza is Home

Home is love. To me home is feeling. Home is spending time with my family, like when I’m downstairs wrestling my little brother. Letting him win is the best. Home is when I’m watching a scary movie with my parents and something scary happens and the popcorn spills all over us. Eating popcorn out of my hair is super fun! Home is the drive to Nova Scotia and when we arrive, it’s hugging my grandparents. Then we go swimming and splashing in the water with my friends and family. It is fun like no other.

Home is warmth. When I wake up and I smell scrambled eggs and bacon and then I sit down and eat it is so warm! When something wrong happens at school and I get hugged by my parents I know I’m home and warm. After a long day of school and my siblings bothering me I feel so good when I get in the hot bath. I feel at home.

Food is an important part of a home. It’s when Dad makes pancakes and syrup and he puts a bit less on mine because he knows I don’t like it to be sweet. Pizza Is another food I like to eat.
When we get it I like to open the box and smell it and then take a bit of it feeling the nice cheese and pepperoni and whatever else is on it. Home is these delicious moments.

Some people don’t have that and Habitat for Humanity is trying to end this. I’m glad that people can make a donation or volunteer to help people who don’t have homes.