Grade 6

Bright's Grove

Perfect Home

Perfect Home
I look at my house
And I know this place is mine
I hold the key to the door
It feels like I’m holding love
There is no words for the joy a home can give
I know this is the place I want to live.
It’s a place to laugh, a place to cry
Where my mom used to sing me lullabies
Here there are dreams to follow
Although sometimes they may seem hollow
When I learned there are some who have no home
It made made my heart sink like stone
When I’m away from this place
My heart starts to race, I feel scared inside and all alone
But I know I can always go back to my home
I remember watching hours of TV when was little
And when we go for family walks in the air that feels brittle
In a home there are memories like these to love and create
That’s why every family needs a home that is great.
To love
To cherish
To care for
To treasure
A home has love that you can not measure.