Grade 4

British Columbia

People’s homes

On Pandora Avenue I’ve seen many homeless people. Since the pandemic started there have been more homeless people on the empty streets. Lots of people live in tents now, all over the city. I can’t imagine not having a protective roof over my head, a warm house, and a comfortable bed to sleep in. I can’t stand thinking about the poor people who lost their job and home.

I live in a home with my family. There are four people in my family: dad, mom, my little brother, Simon, and me. When I get home from school I feel safe because my family is waiting for me. I have nutritious food, interesting books, and fun toys which makes me feel grateful. I am also lucky to have kind friends that always visit us from all over the world. I also have after school lessons to increase my knowledge. My home means everything to me.

Many children have a house but their house isn’t always safe and warm. Sometimes kids don’t have a family at home, because their family members might be in jail or dead. Some kids have parents that are cruel to them, or hit them which makes the poor kids feel insecure. To me, home is for having fun, family, and safety, not just a roof and four blank walls.