Grade 4

Victoria, bc
British Columbia

People Need Homes

People Need Homes
When I walk in my house I feel the warm loving breeze.
It’s where my sad and angry feelings go down because I know I’m safe and loved.
Home is where I can relax, and be myself.
It’s a place where I do not stress about things.
At home we should not be scared and stressed
because the doors are locked safely and adults are there for us. Home is where you and your family get together
to celebrate and relax. At my house I celebrate my birthday and we go swim in my aunt’s pool.
I like to garden, play games or learn and laugh about your day.
People need a home so they’re safe and cozy.
Everyone deserves a home to live in.A place to make food and be kind. My home is full of smiles and kindness.
In our home my sister and I feel loved and cared for.
Since COVID is here we have to be careful and stay at home.
So the people who don’t have a home might get sick and not feel secure and safe from the virus.
I hope we can help each other get a place to live and be safe.