Grade 5

New Brunswick

People Deserve a Home

Hi, I am going to tell you about why I think people deserve a home and what my home means to me. I grew up in the country in a big house that I live in right now. My dad and my grandpa built the house and that is one of the reasons why I love it. I really love my house.
My home means a lot to me because I have lived in this house all my life. My family means a lot to me too. My home brings me and my family lots of laughter and happiness. I and my family do a lot together in our house. My home means a lot to me and my family and I’m so happy to have it.
I think everybody deserves a nice home. Homes mean a lot to me and they should to you too. I like what our city is doing by making homeless shelters to keep the people who don’t have a home go there and feel safe and warm and have some company.
Being warm is a big thing when you are homeless. If you get too cold you can get really sick and worst of all maybe even die. When winter comes it’s a big thing for keeping people warm and that’s why they have homeless shelters. I love my home and I think everyone deserves one. I hope that we make sure everybody has a home to keep warm and feel loved. Thank you