Grade 4

Saint John
New Brunswick

Peaceful Loveiy Home

P- Peace is a great thing to have in your home.
E- Everyone deserves a home.
A – A wise man once said people need shelter.
C- Canada’s people need homes.
E- Every person is kind even the bad ones. You just have to dig deep down.
F- Full of love, peace, caring in my home.
U- U are super kind. You can even donated to people in need.
L- Love is in your home, trust me.

L- Love is in the air flowing through you.
O- Over New Brunswick people don’t all have homes. Let’s stop it.
V- Very kind person I see in you.
E- Even you have kind in you.
I- If you’re kind , you’re my friend.
Y- You are kind

H- Home matters to people.
O- Other people don’t have a home. Let’s stop it together.
M- Many people deserve to have a home.
E- Everyone needs a home.