Grade 6

New Brunswick

Past, Present, Future

When I was little, I grew up with dolls.
When I was learning to walk, not crawl.
Running around in the summer air,
not knowing that others life’s aren’t as fair.
Now I live still young but knowing.
That some other’s don’t have the courage to keep going.
In this future I want to be,
part of the rainbow after someone’s storm, to help get there life back in to form.
I wish to life in a world, where no matter the place you won’t get judged by your race, or what your sexual preference is.
But in this life that we call present,
for some other’s it’s not so pleasant.
I wish for other’s a home to be,
a home filled with love and family,
a place to laugh and smile,
or even to just sit around for a while.
Home is a place for at the end of the day, to know that you have people who will always care and stay.