Grade 5


Our Shelter

Home is a very important place to live. The meaning of home is a place where you feel free, feel welcome, have acceptance of where you live, where you and your family lives, has comfort, has many emotions, where it cannot be replaced, where you have shelter, where we feel safe, where we feel warm in wintertime, and most importantly, we have peace in our home in all over Canada and around the world.

A home is very important for me and everyone in the world. Some people might ask, “ Why is a home so special for you?” It is special for me because for example, after school, you needed to go home but you don’t have a home to live in and you needed a home so badly. Every time I went home, I usually see my dad, watching a competition of horses on his computer, and my mom, checking her computer if she has any E-mails or messages. This usually makes me and my family relax because we can sit on a chair and talk for a little while, beds that we can sleep on, a table to place food and eat, pretty much a home has almost everything that you need. Sometimes, I would hear a knock on the door. When I would open it, my friends would say hi and would give me a hug and I would welcome them to my small, but special home.

I think that home represents happiness, love, appreciation, kindness, and of course, peace because everyone around the world cannot suffer without any shelter, but a home for all of us is planet Earth because that is where we live now and we have to share homes to people who don’t have one in other countries around the world. Planet Earth is our precious home across the world.