Grade 6


Our Everything

Our house,
No. Our home.
Was everything to me and my mother,
And all my memories are good here.

If Ii never lived here,
I’m not sure if I’d be the same.

But one thing would change my life and mother’s,
The eviction.
We prayed most of the night before we were going to be evicted,
Desperately hoping for a miracle.

I woke up at the sound ofto my mother’s loud gasp,
I ran to the door where she stood,
To see her crying at a paper in her hands.

Her tears were not pain or sadness,
They were tears of joy.

I leaned over her shoulder,
And I read what the paper said.

Our eviction was cancelled!
The rent was paid!

Mother and I cried of joy at that moment.

We wanted to repay the person in anyway possible,
But the person wanted to be anonymous.

Whoever you are,
I thank you with my life.