Grade 5


Ode to a Home

Ode to a Home

At home I feel happy,
especially when it’s sunny.
From halls to walls to super balls,
I always love to be funny.

My home is like my happy place
because I’m always loved.
I’m content with the floor we have
and the roof from up above.

Life is like a box of sweets.
You won’t know what you’ll get.
With pets so cute, and watermelon fruit,
and memories you won’t forget.

Lego bricks and Mario
can keep me entertained.
I just love the clear clean water
that’s perfectly contained.

At home I’m always recognized.
They see me every day.
Except sometimes when I go camping.
That’s right, camping my way!

My home is like my jolly place
and that’s because it’s true.
With a beautiful home, I’m never alone.
Because every day is new!