Grade 5

British Columbia

Oceana’s Meaning of Home


What home means to me is that you feel happy. Home also means that you feel cozy and warm.The reason why is because you spend most of your time by yourself or with family and friends. You spend most of your time in that house so you need to pick the right one, that makes you feel happy and, then it is your home. What home means to me in three emotions happy, excited and sad those are my emotions. It doesn’t matter if a home is big or small it matters that you feel that it’s your home.

Home means super exited. Home means feeling excited as well as happy, not mad or angry. Home means to me feeling not regular you feel so happy, you might even want to be generous. You’re generous all the time and that’s what I mean. “Home is where the heart is” that is a quote that is true.

Home means that you eat, sleep, and breathe in that house so you have to pick the right house or you’ll either regret it or feel sad.

The end