Grade 6

British Columbia

Not Just Four Walls

Home is not just four walls and a roof, it’s a feeling. Everybody’s home is different from your classroom, or any place in general. Usually it’s somewhere where you feel safe. The definition of home to me is somewhere you can go to feel safe, and where you know nobody will be mean to you.
You might not have only one home, you can have many homes. Home is where you feel loved, where you feel comfortable, and where you feel safe.
It might not be someone who makes a place feel like home, it could be something that makes it feel like home. My homes are where I feel loved, and it’s not only at my family’s house. Some of my homes are at my friend’s houses because I feel safe. These are places where I can calm down if things get tough.
Even if your home is cheap, and it might be filled with some unpleasant stuff, in the end, it’s your home and that’s the thing that matters. Sometimes your family is mad at you, but that doesn’t mean they will be mad at you forever. They are still your family, and they still love you, and deep down you love them too. Thank-you for reading what I think of home is.