Grade 5


Not Just a House

Home is not just a house. It’s somewhere that you feel loved, safe and make memories. It is also somewhere that you want to be.
I feel the most loved when my dog runs up to me when I get home. It’s somewhere you can tell people how you feel and they will understand. Home also is somewhere that kindness is never lost.
Home is where you make memories big or small, sad or happy, fun or boring, funny or weird. Like your first step or your first birthday. Memories are something you will never forget.
Home is also somewhere that you feel safe. It’s somewhere you can hopefully find food in your refrigerator or go into a comfy bed at night feeling loved and wanted or walking through the door after a long day at school and feeling welcomed.
Think about it – not having a home to make memories or feel safe and loved. That’s why I think home is not just a house.