Grade 4


Not Everyone Has a Home

In a home unforgettable memories are made and conversations are had, followed by laughter. When I’m at home with my family it doesn’t matter if the house is big or small because it’s a house, a place to call home. Home is a place that when you walk in the door stress leaves and refreshment takes its place. When I’m in my house, surrounded by my family I feel loved and I feel like I matter and make a difference. Just thinking about that makes me feel blessed I have a home.

I can come home from school at the end of a long day and as soon as I walk in the door I get welcomed by smiling faces and I know it’s going to be alright.
There’s a difference between a house and and a home. A house is a building with furniture, a roof and windows. But in a home you have joy, faith, happiness, peace, hope and warmth.

When I pause and think about how some families don’t have a home I feel like I want to cry, I pray that someday everyone will have a place to call home.