Grade 6


No Place like Home

Home is our special place
But also where our family is
Home is what we think about
When we’re feeling lone The place that we feel safe
No matter the harm
Wherever it might be
It will always be our home
It is our base, our dearest place
The beginning and end of each day
Our place, every corner is laced
It must be cherished
Some people don’t have such a special place,
We are lucky
Home is warmth
Home is near
Our home is full of rooms
Where we can face our fears
Home is all around us
No matter what we do
It keeps us together,
The place where we feel comfortable
Sometimes we say that we shall go
As we then always return
Our greatest memories
In the safety of our home
Our everyday life
Takes place in our home
It will always be ours
Wherever we choose to go