Grade 6


No Place Like Home

A Home isn’t just a place you abide in; with walls and a roof.
A Home isn’t just a place constructed of wood and stone.
It is a place filled with affection, memories, and comfort from all of my dear family members.
It is a place to share insights, and ideas with the most amazing people that are always there for you.

A Home is where I can be myself around my closest friends.
To me, home isn’t about the size, it’s about delight and passion.
To me, home is not just a place, it is a feeling.

We also want to be at home,
Even when we want to leave,
We end up wanting to come back.

Life and growth will bring me to unexpected places,
But love and passion brings me back home.

Home is also where Wi-Fi connects automatically…
There’s no place like home!
I love my home!