Grade 6

Carleton Place

No Place like Home

No place like home.

“Home is where love is resides, memories are created. Friends are always welcome, and family is forever.”-Unkown. I chose this quote for two reasons, one because to me home is truly a place where memories are created friends are always welcome and family is forever. Two because during this essay I’m going to talk about love, memories and family. I picked these topics to talk about because I’ve created memories with my family in my home and I picked love because I love my family, friends, and my home.

Home, a place where MEMORIES are made. Home to me is a place filled with laughs, fights, talks, but most of all it’s filled with memories. To me homes are filled with memories and I mean all the different types of memories like sad memories, happy memories, and even funny memories. When I think of home I think of my childhood and when I was young, I also think of my brothers and my sister when I think of home. I remember the memories when my sister lived with us and we were all so young and cute, but now we’re older, but at least we have great memories and I have my family and my home to thank for that.

Home to me is a FAMILY place. It’s a safe place, a place to be loved a place where your family is. Family is important to me, and when I think of home I think of my family. My brothers yelling at each other, my sister sitting on the couch watching tv, my parents talking about going on a trip and most of all, all of us just sitting hanging out, TOGETHER. When I go home those are the things, I’m excited for. To see my family, happy, sad or angry, I’m just thankful to see them every night. That’s why when I think of home it reminds me of them, my Family.

LOVE It makes me think of home. It makes me think of home because home is where my family is, and I love my family. love reminds me of school because that’s where some of my friends are. Love reminds me of hockey because that’s also where some of my friends are. Love mostly reminds me of home because that’s where my family is, and I love my family so much and they love me too. I love my family, I love me and, I love my home, buy most of all I love, love.

My home means a lot to me, it’s like a place that I’m always so excited to come back to. In my essay I talked about Memories, Family, and Love because it’s the most important thing to me when I think of my home and my family is the most important thing to me in the whole wide world, I love them. They gave me great memories and they love me, and thanks to my home I get to live with them when as I grow up. I love my home and that’s what it means to me.