Grade 6


No Place Like Home

Different and especially unique is the home where I live
And it’s a place where my family and I thrive.
My family and I live in a place where a roof is above our heads,
And where our home provides warmth while we sleep in our beds.
I get to see my family every day and my mother provides meals for us every single day.

I love my warm and cozy home, it’s where I get to stay.
Others may live in apartments or houses
With their family or friends, even their pet mouses.
Some live alone or with another person too, so why don’t you think about it?
People live in places for years, or for a little bit.

However some people don’t have a place to stay and they sleep outside without anybody,
And they can’t buy a place or a room because they don’t have any money.
They live on the streets using their voice
To beg for money or food every single day because they have no choice.

People all around the world are homeless and cold! Why are we letting them be?
Habitat for Humanity is here to help, to fix that problem and help society
By building lots of homes, and there’s even a wide variety
Of people to help! Like builders and painters who help build homes for the homeless.

You can help too! Just by writing a poem or an essay
To help raise funds for homes, it’s easier that way!
Everyone counts, not just you or anybody else, rich or poor, we’re all equal in many ways.
Everyone should be able to live in a home every single day,
So I’m asking you to help the homeless, and so they will have a place to stay!