Grade 5


No Place Like Home

To me home is like a place where you can open up and you are never alone because God is always there with you. When you cry your family is always there for you. Home is a place where you can laugh, have fun and feel safe.
Our door is always open to welcome, family, friends and strangers. Everyone should be able to have a place to call home.
Home is a place where you can make new memories and grow with your family to cherish a lifetime like leaving your handprints on the walls and pictures throughout the years.
Everyday you make a new memory sitting around the dinner table with your friends and family. A house is way more than a roof and a couple of walls. It keeps memories that you won’t forget when you run into a wall or you broke something or even broke a bone.
Every child needs a bed for his mom or dad to pray with them, read a good book and kiss and hug them then tuck them in and say, “Good Night”.
I feel so blessed to have a home to call my own. My wish is for you my friend, to have one to call your own.