Grade 5


No Place Like Home

Home is a place where I feel safe and loved. Where I can never be hurt. Where I can express myself and talk about how I feel.

Home is a place to feel comfortable with my family. Where I make memories to save and to cherish and remember

Home is where mealtimes taste sweet, sour, savoury, spicy, mild, fresh, greasy, and more.

Home is dark at night, but never quiet cars zoom in the roads, the tv chats with my father, the shower running upstairs, it’s time for bed.

At the end of the day I lie in bed thinking about what comes tomorrow,but not worrying because home is still my safe place ,and there is no place like it.

But still I think how could it be that others don’t get to live in luxury
To sleep like me, in a warm bed
And maybe we could help by giving them shelter!
But please contribute to this cause, to help the world. I am just a kid, but you could help too.