Grade 5


No Place Like Home

When I think of home
I feel the love of my family there
Everyday when I wake up and go to sleep
I feel safe with the warmth of my home
I keep my stuffies with me everyday
I don’t want it to go away
Being with family everyday
Counting on people in any way

My home is filled with happiness
When I’m with my family, I never feel alone
Others who don’t have a home
Can’t write a wonderful poem

Memories with family fill the house
With cheer, love and care
Then my dad brings home a teddy bear
We play and have a wonderful time
Then think about the poor
Don’t want to feel that way anymore
So let’s do something right
And make someone’s day bright

Feeling safe around your family
So it’s not just a fantasy
Sleeping in a bed
So let’s let that spread

Let’s welcome someone
To a safe home

Wherever we are
We play and learn
But always return
To this place where we call home