Grade 4

Berwick, NS
Nova Scotia

No Place Like Home!

I came to my home and there it was, my 100 year old buddy standing before me. But it is not that, that makes my house unique. It is my family standing there waiting for me. Night fell, they tuck me in my bed for a good night. And at night, I think how valuable it is… not in money, but my family that is the gold.

My family, my house, the one I love the most, I feel safe because I will have a snooze in my bed.
my friends can come over and have fun. It is awesome and the most fun, but the first day here was the best.

I always have an awesome family and house to come back to.

The floor where we sometimes play games sometimes and we can yell hooray! And that can be the most fun EVER!

And the kitchen is where we eat.

Smells good, delicious and awesome food that my mom and dad cook. I love the house and my family .

No place like HOME! And everybody needs that!