Grade 4


No Place Better

Home is not just a place. Home is a feeling. I feel better at home than anywhere else. Home is somewhere where I feel happy! Home also gives you lots of comfort and memories.
Your home should be happy. Happiness is an important feeling to have. Being happy is having a positive attitude and having fun. Happiness is almost contagious. If one person is happy, the happiness will spread to the person beside them.
Comfort is also something you should have at home. Comfort is a sign of happiness. It is comfortable when I am cuddling up on the couch with my family watching a movie. I feel comfortable when I am playing in the basement with my brothers. Comfort is building creations out of Lego at home.
Home is a place of memories. Memories are reminders of your past. I can remember when there was a tornado two summers ago. I can remember when my mom bought me my first Lego set. I cannot remember my first word, but my mom said it was “up”.
Happiness, comfort and wonderful memories have made my home a place where I feel better than anywhere else. There’s no better place.