Grade 4


No Other Place Feels Like Home

Once, there was an old man who lived on the streets. He was very poor, and he always didn’t have enough to eat. One day, he used up the rest of his money, and he ate the food he bought with it. Suddenly, it started to snow. The snow got heavier, and eventually whipped up a Snowstorm!

The snowstorm grew bigger, and the old man had no shelter. After the snowstorm was over, the old man was wet, tired, and plain MISERABLE. Luckily, another man found the old man and said, “Hello, fellow man, Say, what is your name?” The old man replied, “I don’t have a name… I was abandoned as a child.” The Man said, “oh! You’ve been on these streets for a long time! My name is Albert.” Albert was a tall man with a short beard and bushy eyebrows. The old man said, “nice to meet you, Albert!” “you can stay at my home.” Albert said. The old man smiled, and said, “thank you for your courtesy, Albert.” “my pleasure.”

Weeks passed. Then months. Albert decided to build the old man a cottage. He worked hard at it every day. At last, it was finally finished! “Oh HO,” said the old man, “what a nice cottage!” “sorry it isn’t near my house.” Albert replied. “That’s fine. After all, the only threat is my Evil younger brother!” said the old man. Weeks passed, and the old man loved his home, for it was near the forest. He was friends with all the animals who lived there. The old man lived for many months and many days, and he finally understood the feeling of home. One year passed. One day, there was a knock at the door. “It’s probably Albert’s Monthly visit,” the old man thought.

When the old man opened the door, he saw a familiar face…. But it wasn’t Albert… It was the old man’s younger brother, Kamara! “Hello, Brother. Come with me, NOW!!” Kamara said. “Kamara… why did our parents abandon me?” the old man said. “Because… you’re too kind hearted!!! MOM AND DAD HATE KIND HEARTED PEOPLE!” Kamara grabbed the old man, and took him to his house…

Kamara put the old man in a locked room with no windows, so he couldn’t escape. Kamara gave the old man 3 meals per day, so he couldn’t overeat. But the old man hated his home. It didn’t feel like home at all! The only thing Kamara gave for those meals were oatmeal, which the old man hated. “The Meaning of Home is NOTHING close to this…! Home is supposed to be safe and relaxing,” the old man thought. Fortunately, the old man was wise. He saved all of the oatmeal, and one day he ate ALL of it, and he got sick. Kamara decided to take the old man to the doctor, but he left the door open, and the old man seized his chance to escape and ran, all the way back to his cottage. “Now THIS is the meaning of home!” the old man thought.

And he Lived Happily Ever After!