Grade 6


Never Take Home For Granted

When I woke up I jumped out of bed thinking of the one and only Jesus Christ. I went to my mom and dad. They said “go away, go back to bed it is six o’clock in the morning!” so I went to the living room and sat on the couch thinking about my presents I’m getting for Christmas. Maybe I will get an Xbox or new headphones or just Lego.
When my mom and dad get up I have to get ready for church. I go brush my teeth and put on some church clothing and then get to church. After church, my mom drove me to the homeless shelter where we were scheduled to help out. I saw the most heartbreaking thing! A whole bunch of people helping homeless people. We started our duties and joined in. When we got home, that experience changed my life. Now I have a soft spot for all those people less fortunate. I realized my presents do not mean that much because I have my family in our home and that should never be taken for granted.