Grade 5


Never Take Home For Granted

Home to me is the place top be. When your sad, confused, happy or mad, it’s the place to go where you can see what the future holds, for eternity. The place where you can peacefully sleep. From sunrise to dawn, so please c’mon, with e to a special place, for you and me.

Home is a place, so sweet, and is something that you must keep, and although bad feelings may sometimes occur, home is always there for him, you, me and her. So to sum up this story, sorry if it’s boring, home is there and will always be here for you and me.

I know I said, I was summing up the story, but something about writing just fills me with glory. When I scribble these lines on paper, it fills me with joy. So before I leave, from the writing kingdom, I’ll share something that will fill you with exciting rhythm. Home, is not just a building. Home is everywhere. Even if home is you talking about your country, we all have homes that we must cherish. Never take home for granted.