Grade 6


My words, my home

Home is a place with family and friends,
Home is a place you’ll be loved to the end.
The place you grow up, is where home might be,
But when you’ve grown up big, you will be sent free.
With siblings and parents to keep you company,
You still might want to make friends with somebody.
Even when they are gone you will still be loved
By the friends you made and the ones up above.
On a boat, on a train, in a house, or a car,
Your family will love you no matter where you are.
From countries to cities to wherever you are,
No matter where you are your family won’t be far.
Some people have beds and others have a floor,
And they live on that floor 2 years or more.
We are lucky in Canada for what we have today,
But later in the future things may not be the same.
Home is a place you will live forever,
Whether they are unwise or clever.
A place where you will be protected by the ones who love you
Home is a place where people will love you no matter what you do.
Home means love, you have to agree,
And that’s what home means to me.