Grade 4

Sydney mines
Nova Scotia

My Wonderful Home

My Wonderful Home (contest)
I Love my home because my family. (And my Cat.) It’s Not that big but it’s
big enough to do fun family stuff.It’s a nice home too,well to me atleast: .
I love living there,It’s fun we play board games, Like life or clue (I always win obviously.) I love to cuddle with my cat, She is SOOOO fluffy her name is kitty kitty. (I was five don’t judge.) I like to pick her up and play with her. I love my home cause it’s warm and cozy and they’re a lot of blankets so I’m never really cold, I love it in my home because my sister plays with me a lot as well she is very nice. I like when my dad plays with me and my sister she always win.I get second at least.(Have fun in last place dad….)