Grade 5


My Wonderful Home

My wonderful home
Home is the place you feel safe at.
Home is the place where you rest when you are not feeling well.
Home is the place where all your loved ones live.
Home is the place you feel cared for.
Home is a great place.
At home I feel warm, loved, amazing and treated with respect.
I have a lot of plants in my house.
My house smells beautiful and sweet, like candles, like plants and their fresh smell, and like the lovely smell of food when my mom cooks Indian food like roti.
Home is a place where you have good memories.
The thing you should care about is the people that live there.
For me it is myself, my mom, my dad, and my brother.
My brother and I may get into fights, but I know deep inside our hearts, we both love each other.
That’s an example of a memory.
Home is a place you are proud to say THIS IS MY HOME.